Clutter Free Ceiling Solutions

LimeLite prides itself on our Clutter Free Ceiling Solutions with our clients, which make them look good and we benefit as well.

We talk to our clients to understand more of the intricacies of their issues in design to resolve their ceiling lighting problems.

We have simply Engineered the Essential Services into our Luminaire instead of electricians installing options separately hence ugly Cluttered ceilings like Sensors, Emergencies, Air Handling & Evac Speakers into the ceiling (Cluttering the ceiling space).

Not to mention the extra installation costs in buying separately, electrician extra labour drilling holes in ceilings and more wiring. Our Luminaires can have these services all built in.


  • Dim (Dali Dimming)
  • EM-LED (LED Emergency)
  • EM-LED-EDALI (Monitored Option)
  • LSL (LimeLite Sensor Light)
  • AH (Air Handling – refer Agents)
  • SPK (Speakers)

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