Pendant Light Distribution

Non Diffused

Non Diffused options allows the light to spill naturally through the external wall cutouts of the 3D printed housing, producing unique patterns on nearby walls and objects. In addition to illuminating the space below, with purpose.

Partially Diffused

Partially Diffused options directs the intensity straight down. Pooling the light below, while producing a calming ambience in the surrounding area.

Diffused Semi Bulb


Diffused options soften the illuminated area, producing a calming ambience.

Diffused Full Bulb


  • High diffusion flux
  • High luminous intensity
  • Perfect uniform light distribution
  • Integrated Clip Features allowing immediate easy assembling by a simple twist and lock system
  • No vibration problems
  • Available in milky white finish
  • Complying with UL94-V2 Specifications

Diffuser is clipped onto LED mount by a twist and lock system.
Easily changeable after installation, giving the user freedom of choice.

Download PDF Pendant Light Distribution information sheet