Here at LimeLite we aim to manufacture only the best in commercial lighting. From our linear100 range to our Storm IP66 waterproof range. We focus on using innovative technology and design to keep ahead of the market.  LimeLite strongly believes in utilizing local businesses, who offer the latest advanced equipment in the industry. Through collaboration with our local suppliers we have access to this leading edge technology.

  • Disruptive fibre optic laser technology – The fiber optic laser cutter is cutting-edge technology, means that it is able to reach the very highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability and performance. The compass is driven by a pair of conventional motors which make it possible to move the cutting head on the XY plane. Disruptive technology is changing the industry with a bang. Revolutionary machinery is speeding up production and allowing Australian manufactures to continue on a global scale.
  • Laser welding
    • High speed and accuracy
    • Continuous and smooth welding bead
    • Excellent component quality and repeatability
    • Welds reflective materials like copper & brass
    • Can weld Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Copper
    • Spatter free welding
    • Offline programming
  • 3D prototyping – Using 3D printers we produce replicas of our parts to ensure they will work as planned in the design phase. Improving designs with a touch of a button. Testing small components created from 3D prototyping, saves us on time and costs before tooling is made for production.

To go along with our technologically advanced equipment, our in house design team are constantly using innovative ways to improve and create new stylish light fittings. Running a state of the art 3D CAD program to design 3D models, reduces the time taken in the development stage therefore dramatically decreases the time taken to pass a new design onto you. Being a family owned Australian business, it is important for LimeLite to choose Australian suppliers. Giving back wherever we can.