New Release – On Track Range

LimeLite is excited to announce the launch of our NEW ‘3D Printed On Track Range’. Five uniquely styled 3D printed luminaires, enhancing structure, form and texture.

For more information please visit On Track Range Page.

The On Track Range is breaking new ground, turning 3D printing from prototyping to manufacturing. The Track light housings are made from a special blend of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer) and other materials creating Limelite’s very own 3D print material with a V – 0 flame retardant rating, (highest rating, self-extinguishing). These particular designs show off exactly what 3D printing is capable of.

The Jet

  • A dynamic small factor form, inspired by the beautiful lines of a jet engine
  • Heat sink thrusts from the body in response to its inspiration


  • A playful, large format design that is a strong statement lighting feature
  • Complexity in form taking full advantage of 3D printing technology


  • The essence of simple sophistication. An elegant form that settles gently into any room
  • Unique profile cut, the heat sink follows the curvature of the body

The Lantern

  • A delicate form that can sit well into any environment with a sophisticated edge
  • A form only achievable by the means of 3D printing

The Petal

  • Reminiscent of the delicate lines found in our flora, the Petal is a statement piece that holds its own presence
  • The duality of the contrasting faces highlights its distinct design qualities