RH215 and Square 600 now available

LimeLite is proud to present two new luminaires to our family.

Linear-100 RH 215 Hook-On Solution

LimeLite’s Design Team worked very closely with Armstrong World Industries (Aust) P/L, who are one of the biggest Ceiling Manufactures in Australia. Our thinking
was, why not collaborate together with Armstrongs to make a Generic Solution for their Interlocking RH-215 Hook-On Metal Pan Ceiling?

SOLUTION? LimeLite Linear-100mm Wide Interlocking Frame PLUS utalizing LimeLite’s Linear 100 Optics options. It is our Generic Linear 100 Wide Luminaire with a new Hook-On Frame.

Read more about it here.

Square Range NEW SQ600-380

Due to a multitude of requests from Architects and Lighting Designers for LimeLite to design a Square 600mm option, we designed both a Plaster and Tee-bar version.

LimeLite has added a LED to the Square, which also gives a ‘Sky Light’ effect. With LimeLite optics, our new Filament option makes a difference.

Read more about it here.