Product Highlight – WedgeLED

3 Mounting Options

It’s all about maximum Verticals!

Linear WedgeLED was designed to offer a luminaire which delivers a larger field of play. The Diffusers Wedge shaped design pushes the light further across the ceiling, which opens up the space as the vertical illumination takes over.

In combination with high output modules, The WedgeLED is the perfect choice for a factory application. Spreading the illuminated area over a larger space, providing greater vertical illumination over pallet racking while maintaining uniformity over the horizontals.

More Efficient Option

Office spaces, corridors, workshops and general showroom lighting applications can also be achieved while reducing energy consumption by the use of our more efficient modules.

In addition to, maintaining great uniformity as a result of the diffusers wide polar distribution, our new generation of LED’s cut usage costs while providing a high quality illumination for any task.