Victorian Manufacturing Showcase 2018

Such a fantastic and informative day, thanks to ICN for organising the Victorian Manufacturing showcase 2018 in Geelong.

We are very honoured for the invitation to be a part of the highly inspiring product displays. Over 40 innovative Australian company’s showcasing many eye-catching products and designs. From Carbon fiber experts to food and wine connoisseurs.

So many inspiring speakers educating us on the hurdles they have overcome being an Australian manufacturer, from as little as changing their marketing strategies to increase brand awareness to restructuring their entire business strategies and producing a new product completely outside of their current product range. The one thing every speaker had in common was a can-do attitude to any situation thrown at them.

Such a fun and exciting day. Getting the chance to speak to so many knowledgeable people at the top of their fields. Thanks to ICN for giving us the opportunity to display our new ground-breaking 3D printed luminaire range and allowing us to share our story. We are honoured to call ourselves Australian manufactures.