About Us

Our story

Australian Made & Owned

Welcome to LimeLite, where we proudly design and manufacture high-quality lighting products in Melbourne, Australia. As a family-based business, we collaborate with national distributors to supply the commercial and architectural sectors of the lighting industry.

Every LimeLite innovation has a purpose – to exceed the aesthetic desires and business needs of our customers.

We are passionate about Australian manufacturing and Australian innovation. As a company, we believe that our success is measured not only by the jobs we create internally, but throughout the entirety of the supply chain.

We are driven to design, manufacture and deliver luminaries that are efficient, versatile, sustainable and comply or exceed industry standards.

Embracing the future

We are committed to embracing technology and adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of manufacturing. We aim to produce only the best in commercial lighting; innovating and designing to keep ahead of the market. Through collaboration with local suppliers, we have access to the latest technologically advanced equipment in the industry.

We partner with local suppliers who provide manufacturing services, including Automated CNC Punch and Laser Cutting, Automated NC folding, Robotic and Manual Welding and Powder Coating. Coupled with our in-house advanced manufacturing facility, 3D printing allows us to prototype in house, digitize stock and design creatively, reactively and immediately.

Whether its designing for easier install, fabricating more precisely, assembling more efficiently or welding autonomously. We have a manufacturing imperative to seek progress with touch point of the design & manufacture process.


Environmental Statement

At LimeLite, we understand the importance of taking care of the environment. Our workflow stems from the pillars of ‘Just in Time’ manufacturing principles. We work towards sustainable practices influenced by the circular economy.

We design with a universal approach, where parts can be utilized across product families. Parts aim to have a secondary purpose and designed with capabilities to adapt to generational changes in electrical componentry.

We invest in machinery that enable us to pelletize and re-extrude our failed or discarded 3D prints into re-spooled filament to produce our 3D printed parts.

Our packaging is manufactured from cardboard that can be compacted, recycled and reused. The unbleached corrugated cardboard is locally manufactured, printed with 100% organic inks, adhered with biodegradable glues and made up of a combination of 70% recycled cardboard fibres and raw tree pulp.

We value and uphold sustainable practices including our suppliers to meet our universal obligation and manufacturing imperative to the environment. We are building the bases to innovate and deliver a more sustainable future.