Alkimos College WA

Alkimos College Stage 1 spans across 4 buildings with a total floor area exceeding 21,000m2. Stage 1 includes Block A, B and C – administration, student services, staff studies and modern teaching facilities such as general learning areas, science and IT labs. The school expands to include a modern cafeteria, fully equipped library, drama classrooms, food science studios, workshops and textile learning areas. The new world-class learning facility is one of eight secondary schools across Western Australia chosen to have a Specialised Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning Program.

Our main goal for Alkimos College was to manufacture custom-made continuous luminaires, ranging from 6.5m to 8.5m long. While maintaining an even distribution of light with maximum glare control. LimeLite’s design philosophy drives us to produce individual elements and complete systems that are clean, and ‘clutter free,’ giving contemporary designers and architects the ideal canvas to ‘paint’ with light, to make any space more beautiful and more welcoming to the eye and the spirit.

LimeLite Manufactured over 1000 luminaires for Alkimos College to use in common corridors, walkways, general learning areas and kitchens, all equipped with our Extra Low Glare (XLG) diffuser. Giving students the right ambience for learning – and teachers the right environment for teaching. Our ‘XLG’ diffuser, offers amongst the best visual comfort in the lighting market. Designed to transmit up to 80% of light while reducing glare to a UGR<19. The ‘XLG’ diffuser falls well within the lighting standards on glare control and helps you achieve BCA greenstar and wellness standards for your building.

Linear 100 Range complimentary to all ceiling types is designed to be clean and provide a ‘clutter free’ ceiling. This Range is highly customisable with multiple light distributions, LED lamp colour options and lumen outputs programmed to the exact light level required for your design. Providing a lighting solution like no other. Controlled dimming technology and smart sensors are available across the range to ensure efficiency across the entire project is met. This means that each individual area in your building gets precisely the light it needs – when, where and how much. No more no less. All LimeLite products are Australian Designed, made and owned. Supporting local Australian suppliers.

Stage 2 will be completed by 2024 and will accommodate up to 2000 students from year 7 to 12 by 2025.


Architect: Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick Architects
Electrical Engineers: Wood and Grieve Engineer now part of Stantec
Builder: EMCO Building
Landscape Architect: Four Landscape Studio
Electrical Contractor: RNM Solutions
Photographer: Ron Tan Photographer
Project Lighting Specialist: Andrea de Wind

Products supplied:

Alkimos College WA