Endavour Hills Library

Casey Cardinia Libraries are one of Victoria’s largest public library services. They support a rapidly growing and diverse community of nearly 400,000 people in Melbourne’s South East. The role of public libraries is changing. Welcoming the opportunity to help build happier, healthier and more resilient communities. Endeavour hills library love books and place a high value on making information easily accessible to people by various means. Providing free events inspire creativity and bring people together. Endeavour hills public library is one of eight libraries under the Casey Cardinia library brand.

  • Endeavour Hills Library opened in June 1985.
  • The library was renovated and extended in 2007.
  • The library was internally renovated in 2014.

LimeLite’s goal was to provide an efficient lighting solution for library goers to read comfortably while maintaining uniformity throughout the entire floor between obstacles (bookshelves). The Linear 100 plaster wall washer played an important role with the internal design. Washing the bookshelves up against the wall increases the library’s vertical illumination while visually creating more space.

To maintain uniformity throughout the application our linear 100 Plaster Recess was a great solution for general lighting over the entire floor space.

All study areas are equipped with LimeLite’s Schoolies luminaire providing a large photometric distribution. Illuminating the space efficiently and effectively for general reading use.

Product supplied: