Howie’s Place

Astonishing residential space with ocean views demands great internal lighting to enhance the decor of the home. Our subtle indirect lighting range was the perfect choice for this beautiful home. A cool 4000K colour temperature was used in the open plan lounge and kitchen areas to complement the daylight provided by the large windows allowing sunlight to flow through the home. Adjusting your senses by using a warmer 2700K colour temperature in the main dining room, halls and the stair case. Delivering a relaxing and calming touch to these spaces. Providing a combination of 4000K and 2700K colour temperatures throughout a home, helps you express the varying emotions a room intends to provide.

Common areas where different colour temperatures are best suited:

  • Extra warm white (2700K) – Living room, dining room, bedrooms, hallways.
  • Cool white (4000K) – Kitchen, study, bathroom, cupboard, office space.
    (Guide only, these scenarios are subjective opinions and can vary from person to person)

Why choose indirect lighting?

  • Soft and even illumination.
  • Reduce glare from LEDs and other light sources.
  • No visible lamps.
  • Increased perception of comfort within the space.

Products supplied: