Melbourne Bathhouse

First opened in 1860, the Melbourne City Baths provides health and fitness services to the community. It has the largest swimming pool in the CBD, as well as a gym and a fitness studio.

LimeLite is delighted to be part of the development of Melbourne City Baths new yoga studio. Our goal was to provide enough illumination for teaching the art of yoga while producing a calming/relaxing environment during classes.

Indirect lighting was the perfect solution. Illuminating the walls and ceilings with our Ledge luminaire produced an even distribution of light while reducing glare for students. Reflecting the light off the walls and ceiling instead of direct illumination from ceiling lights, creates a pleasing view with almost no glare for yoga students. In certain yoga positions, students will be looking directly toward the ceiling, having downlights is not a good option. This is a perfect example of when indirect lighting used correctly, has the best results.

Product supplied:

The Ledge LED Wall Mounted Uplighter

Ledge Uplighter