St Peters Bentleigh

St Peter’s has an enrolment of approximately 660 children across 28 single-level classrooms. The school demonstrates a strong Catholic ethos, which is enhanced by the committed relationship between the parish and the school. St Peter’s bright and colourful internal decor throughout the school, sections off the school by the colours on the walls. Green, Blue Red or Yellow you will always find where to go by which colour you are located in.

LimeLite ran with this and provided a bright 4000K Schoolies 1200mm long luminaire. Our Schoolies luminaire is our number one choice for schooling applications. It provides a large distribution of light which minimises dark spots and total quantity of fittings. Uniformity is key. Schoolies luminaire is practical and very versatile due to its endless applications. Can be fitted with sensors, Dimmers, emergencies, wire guards and even suspended from the ceiling.

Product supplied:

Surface Mount Range


St Peters Bentleigh