Clutter Free Ceiling Solutions

LimeLite prides itself on our Clutter Free Ceiling Solutions.

Talking to our clients lets us understand the intricacies of their issues in the design and installation process. Knowing these problems allows us to design to any area, offering the correct solution to their lighting needs.

We have simply Engineered the Essential Services into our Luminaires eliminating the need for electricians to install these options separately creating ugly Cluttered ceilings. Sensors, Emergencies & Air Handling all installed within one single unit. Neat and tidy solution for any application.

Creating a cost effective lighting design.


  • Dim (Dali Dimming)
  • EM-LED (LED Emergency)
  • EM-LED-EDALI (Monitored Option)
  • LSL (LimeLite Sensor Light)
  • AH (Air Handling – refer Agents)
  • SPK (Speakers)

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