DC String

At LimeLite the more we work with light, the more we’re inspired to do even more. So we’ve done more with DC String.

Now you can have all the advantages of DC String technology in more places and more ways. Result? More light from smaller components. Safer and easier installation due to low voltage. And, of course, precise control of each luminaire for scene and mood setting. It’s all achievable now, and not just with tracks but with pendant to track, wall mounted and recess mounted installations.

Only with LimeLite ‘More than Track’ DC String technology.

  • DC String provides users maximum control of their luminaires while minimising bulky tracks, fittings and components
  • A centralised 150W Power Supply DC-150-PS mounted up to 30m away from last luminaire, sends DALI commands down the DC power lines controlling up to 10 x 12W luminaires
  • Need more than 10 luminaires? Just add another 150W Power Supply DC-150-PS to the Dali lines
  • Smooth dimming to 5%
  • Providing Individual control to each luminaire down the DALI power lines
  • Programming scenes offer complete control over any design
  • Low voltage DC power lines throughout the application enables for quick and easy adjustments in your lighting design, giving the end user maximum customisation with no need for a certified electrician
  • Simple yet sophisticated, safe for everyone.

DC String Circuit Diagram

*30M maximum distance from last luminaire to Power Supply.

Compatible products


2B Hung Range


Wall Lite Range


On Track Range

Download PDF DC String Circuit Diagram