DC String

  • DC String provides users maximum control of their luminaires while minimising bulky tracks, fittings and components
  • A centralised 150W Power Supply DC-150-PS mounted up to 30m away from last luminaire, sends DALI commands down the DC power lines controlling up to 10 x 12W luminaires
  • Need more than 10 luminaires? Just add another 150W Power Supply DC-150-PS to the Dali lines
  • Smooth dimming to 5%
  • Providing Individual control to each luminaire down the DALI power lines
  • Programming scenes offer complete control over any design
  • Low voltage DC power lines throughout the application enables for quick and easy adjustments in your lighting design, giving the end user maximum customisation with no need for a certified electrician
  • Simple yet sophisticated, safe for everyone.

DC String Circuit Diagram

*30M maximum distance from last luminaire to Power Supply.

Compatible products


2B Hung Range


On Track Range

Download PDF DC String Circuit Diagram