Extra Low Glare (XLG) Diffuser


Extra Low Glare (XLG) diffuser consist of layering two unique diffusers to get the maximum effective glare reduction. A premium acrylic sheet which provides both high transmission and excellent lamp hiding capabilities, is placed directly above the LEDs while a prismatic diffusing sheet is placed above to provide an outstanding de-glaring performance, spreading the light in all directions.

Figure A) Premium white acrylic sheet. Provides high transmission and excellent lamp hiding capabilities. The diffusion comes from a combination of a very fine surface texture and special diffusing additive.

Figure B) Prisms are designed as cones providing exclusive geometric features optimized with numerical algorithms. High efficiency, smooth de-glaring characteristics and an opal appearance are the key features of our prismatic


Giving students the right ambience for learning and teachers the right environment for teaching. Keeping employees safer, happier and more productive. Our ‘XLG’ diffuser, offers amongst the best visual comfort in the lighting market.

Designed to transmit up to 80% of light while reducing glare to a UGR<19. The ‘XLG’ diffuser falls well within the lighting standards on glare control and helps you achieve BCA greenstar and wellness standards for your building.

UGR (Unified Glare Rating)

UGR <19*LIN100
UGR <17*LIN300, SQ600, LIN ULB
Note: UGR results may vary based on lighting design/ layout.


  • Transmission of 80% (±3%)
  • High transparency microstructured prism sheet
  • Unique and homogenous glare reduction
  • Smooth de-glaring with opal appearance
  • For lighting applications with UGR<19
  • Ideal for illumination of workstations
  • Suppresses high-angle light above 65 degrees to reduce visual Glare while increasing on-axis light (“gain”)
  • Enables luminaires to comply with EN12464 glare specifications