LimeLite Sensor Light

The LimeLite Sensor Light (LSL) is the ideal solution for luminaire control. It combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and task tuning in a single, compact package for easy onsite installation. LSL operates with the Xitanium SR driver to make a simple two-wire connection between sensor and driver, thus eliminating the need for multiple components and auxiliary devices. An intuitive app makes configuration and commissioning during and after installation fast and easy using Philips field apps.

How to specify LimeLite Luminaires with Sensor

Add LSL code to the end of your chosen product code. This sensor is available to all products with the following icon:
LimeLite Sensor Light

LimeLite Sensor Light

Occupancy Sensor

The detection area for the movement sensor can be roughly divided into two parts:
• Minor movement (person moving less than 0.9 m/s).
• Major movement (person moving more than 0.9 m/s).


Daylight Sensor

The light sensor measures the total amount of light in a circular field of 80% of the PIR detection area. The following aspects should be observed during installation:

• Minimum distance from the window greater than 0.6 m.
• Prevent light reflections from outside entering the sensor (for example sunlight reflection on a car bonnet) as this will lead to incorrect light regulation.

As a guideline the formula 0.72 x H can be used to calculate the minimum distance between the
window and sensor whereby H is the height from the bottom of the window to the ceiling.

Photosensor Spatial Response

Day light Sensor


BlockLED with Sensor