Lumen Configurator

What is Lumen Configurator?

Have you ever worked on that office lighting design where you just can’t quite get it to comply, your lux levels are just too high or too low, frustrating isn’t it?

At LimeLite we can configure the lumen output of each luminaire to give you and lighting designers greater flexibility. Factory set lumen output designed to suit your project requirements.


  • Factory set to any lumen output
  • Maximum control in design
  • Increase spacing’s
  • Greater efficiency
  • Decrease total luminaires
  • Maintain required lux levels and uniformity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Save on running and installation costs

Linear 100 XLG Lumen Outputs

Proposed Layout @23W

Proposed Layout @36W

Compatible Luminaires:

Diffuser Options:

Extra Low Glare

Extra Low Glare Diffuser diffuser consist of layering two unique materials that maintain the maximum effective glare reduction. A premium acrylic sheet that provides both high transmission and excellent lamp hiding capabilities, is placed directly above the LEDs while a prismatic diffusing sheet is on top. Spreading the light evenly in all directions.

LimeLite Optics

LimeLite Optics Diffuserdiffuser is pearl in appearance, suitable for use in modern and high finish architectural commercial buildings. The difference in refractive indices changes the direction of light travel within the diffuser. Resulting in an evenly distributed high quality illumination.

Download PDF Lumen Configurator information sheet