Regulatory Compliance Mark

Did you know every LimeLite product sold carries a (RCM) Regulatory Compliance Mark?

Products sold by LimeLite have met the strict standards regulated by the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council that ensures all light fittings have been Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tested.

LimeLite products carry a high assurance of quality. Achieving RCM resonates with the core values that LimeLite strives to achieve by maintaining a high standard of excellence. The quality control measures that are put in place are there to guarantee consistency and ensure that every fitting deserves the RCM Label.

Regulatory Compliance Mark

Purchasing LimeLite products with RCM means:

  • Performance of Electrical Products are protected
  • The disruption to other vital communications that are used within the area is prevented
  • All products sold can be easily traced back to the manufacturer to ensure warranty issues are resolved

For further information on Electromagnetic Compliance, visit the Australian Communication and Media Authority website at:

RCM Compliant