Ultra Dimming to 0.1%


Ultra Dimming (Dim to Dark), offers a smoother dimming curve, stepping incrementally by 1mA. Fine tuning your lumen output to positively impact your surroundings with excellent flicker performance. Flicker from LEDs can be a major health and safety issue in certain environments. Industrial spaces, Classrooms, offices or hospital are some environments where poor flicker performance can cause terrible accidents. For instance, a lathe or a table saw in a workshop can appear to rotate slowly or even stand still.

Ultra Dimming


Designed for areas where you need maximum control at the lowest point of the spectrum.
E.g. Auditorium.

Dimming Range:

  • 100 – 0.1%

Dimming Capabilities:

  • Dali
  • 0 -10V
  • DMX


  • Dimming to as low as 0.1%
  • Smoother dimming curve
  • Greater control
  • Excellent flicker performance (conforms to IEEE P1789 standard)
  • Increasing LED efficacy at dimming
  • No colour shift when dimming

Download PDF Ultra Dimming information sheet